TruthMedia’s Weekly Encouraging E-mails and Prayer Requests

Hello Everyone,

Here are some encouraging emails and prayer requests from this last week of ministry in TruthMedia.

Blessings as we serve together,

TruthMedia Internet Group

I was enlightened to know the need to know God’s word more deeply, to pray more earnestly, to equip myself more strongly, and to wait patiently for the one who God prepare for me. May our Lord bless your serving. THANKS.

I am having more problems with my marriage. My husband was released from prison & he had made so many promises to me about wanting to be a godly man.  He has broken every single promise and we are constantly fighting. I am not going to church anymore because I feel so ashamed. I am so tired , but I don’t know what to do. I do know I need to get back to my church, but it has become so easy to make excuses not to go back. Please pray for me!

I am presently on a sick leave from work. There has been a delay in receiving my benefits therefore I find myself in financial distress. I ask you to pray with me for trust, faith, peace and courage. Thank-you.

My marriage is falling apart due to miscommunication. I have been married for eight years and we are drifting slowly apart each day. Please help me in praying for my marriage. I do not want to lose my husband.

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