Email Prayer Mentoring

by Doris Beck and Karen Schenk

Every day we receive emails from people who are struggling with issues and pain in their lives. It is often difficult to know what to say. There are times when all we can do is pray.

Including the text of a prayer in the email response has proven to be a very effective way of ministering to hurting people. We have discovered that a personal prayer can be tremendously encouraging – even for those who are not going through a hard time. You may want to consider praying for your friends in this way to let them know that you are thinking of them.

How to pray in an email

Praying in an email is a very effective way of presenting needs to the Lord while encouraging the person who has given the prayer request. Initially, this method of praying can seem a little awkward; however, with practice, you will soon find it to be effective and comfortable.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Be Specific. When you type out the prayer, please pray specifically for the request that has been given. Please pray for God’s will in the related circumstance. We may not know the issues that are surrounding this request.

2. Pray Scripture. In the body of your prayer or at the end of it, share a scripture reference. You may find the need you are praying for is such that you don’t have any answers. In that case, you could pray a scripture reference. Sample: “Lord, you know the pain that (name) is struggling with as she is going through her divorce. I pray that your peace would guard her heart and mind during this difficult time (Philippians 4:7) In Jesus Name, Amen”

3. Don’t feel you need to give them an answer. When you are praying for individuals, please don’t feel you need to offer them counsel or give them an answer. If they decide to write back you can refer them to further help. Your main responsibility is to pray for them and share the next step in their relationship with God.

4. Make the email personal. Use a personal salutation (Dear name) Indicate why you are responding (ie. “Your email has been forwarded to me as I am serving as a mentor for (name of site). I would like to pray for you. Begin to type the prayer. “Dear Lord, I thank you for ____.”

5. Encourage them to respond back to you by suggesting: “I would love to share with you more about my personal spiritual journey – feel free to write back." Sending in an email prayer request may be a new experience for the person who has sent the request. They may not know that they are free to write to you and discuss spiritual issues unless you tell them. Always give them the option of corresponding further with you. Many of the people writing in may not know Jesus Christ or they may be living defeated spiritual lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to share Christ with them.

6. Don’t be disheartened if they don’t email back. People using the Internet are often looking for quick answers. You may never know the impact of the email you sent. Continue to pray for that person – and if the Lord lays it on your heart – try writing again at a later date. (ie. “You came to my mind today and I prayed for you. I pray that God is giving you strength in the situation you were going through”). Often an email such as that will trigger a response – but even if it doesn’t, you may still have been a blessing.

7. Share the hope of Christ by including links to the gospel and Holy Spirit presentation. Give the individual the “next step” for their spiritual life. Let them know that they can know Christ or have a deeper relationship with Him. Sample: “I have discovered that Christ gives me incredible strength and guidance to deal with difficult situations in my life. If you would like to know more about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please check out Journey of Joy. If you already have a relationship with Christ, but feel that you are living a defeated life, please check out Spirit Filled Life "

Sample prayer request: Email: (email address) Name: Ann Prayer_Request: I am recently divorced, but my ex keeps taking to the supreme court just so he won’t have to pay me anything and at the same time my best friend has betrayed me. I have so much bitterness and hate in my heart that I can’t seem to release. I fear loosing my soul. Please pray for me to be able to forgive, live it and to help me handle what ever the court says. I am running out of money to fight or stand up for my self. Please pray for me Submit: Send form Subject: CWT Chat Prayer Request

Sample Response: Dear Ann , Thank you so much for sending your prayer request to our site, Christian Women Today. Your email has been forwarded to me as I am serving as a mentor for this site. I would like to pray for you. “Dear Lord, I thank you for Ann and her willingness to ask You to help her forgive in this situation. Lord, You have promised in Your Word that You will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7) and I pray that right now you would do just that for Ann. I pray that You would help her to forgive and not let any root of bitterness to take hold of her life in this very difficult situation(Hebrews 12:15). Today may she forgive as she herself has been forgiven by Your amazing love. Strengthen her this day, and as she walks with You, may You continue to give her strength and Your peace. Thank You that You have promised that Your grace is always sufficient for every situation that we find ourselves in(2 Corinthians 12:9) I pray these things in the precious name of Jesus, amen.” Ann, I don’t what I would do in the difficult times of my life if I didn’t know that God has promised me His grace and that His Holy Spirit would give me strength and be my comforter in these times. Today, allow Him to fill your life, empower and control, and help you to forgive. If you would like to know more about how to do this, I would love to e-mail further with you.

Become a Mentor: If you are not already a mentor with us, please see more information here.


39 Responses to “Email Prayer Mentoring”

Doris says:

Praying in an email is not just for mentoring. I often include a prayer now in my personal emails and it is always so encouraging when someone else does that for me too.

mat moovas says:

I have enjoyed reading the need to pray for each other.

Doris says:

Thanks for taking the time to respond! We are all excited to see your comments!

alice says:

Thanks for sharing on the need to pray for one another.It is the best way to effectively minister to others by submiting their request to God for He alone is able.May the Lord richly bless you.

[...] Including the text of a prayer in the email response has proven to be a very effective way of ministering to hurting people. We have discovered that a personal prayer can be tremendously encouraging – even for those who are not going through a hard time. You may want to consider praying for your friends in this way to let them know that you are thinking of them. Read More… [...]

[...]   Empathy Opens the Door Listen and build trust Mentor Tip:  Share Encouragement Including prayer in each email response Chat Tip:   Enhancing your Chat Ministry Resource video [...]

June Estelle Cash says:

At 75, I have been a Christian since I was 12. At 17, I found assurance in my life, and never have wavered, thanks be to God.
I would like very much to work with you in e mentoring.

My home church is Calvary Baptist Church, Ellensburg, WA, but I live in Cle Elum, WA thirty miles away. Perhaps you can put me in touch with the Cleveland’s so that I can pray for them.

Thank you very much.
June Estelle Cash

June Estelle Cash says:

Dear Lord, please help this dear lady to find peace. Give her an extra sense of your dear Presence in her life. In the Name of Jesus, I ask that you will show her more of yourself and help her to trust you by faith that you will sustain and keep her. Help her to focus on YOU instead of on the evil that is all around us.
Show her from your Word the promise you have made to your children that you will be with them and help them. Reassure her with this. In Matthew 28.18 – 20 you told the disciples to go into all the world, and that you would be with them always. Give her this assurance. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Doris says:

Hi June,
Thanks for taking the time to read and pray for Kim!

As for your request to get you in touch with the Clevelands, we don’t know them and are unable to do that.

janet says:

I am a true born again christian and would like to volunteer as a prayer worrior for different people with different needs.


Doris says:

We would love to have you volunteer with us Janet. You can do this by filling out the online Mentor Application at and indicate that you want to be a Prayer Mentor.

Mrs.Starr Green says:

i would love to work for this company,i have always been that kind of person the lord can use to pray and help people inthere time of needs.i myself have alot to offer cause the lord himself has brought me out of the darkness,just to be able to help tell them the lord saves.cause he saved me and my family. please do respond

Doris says:

Hi Starr,
As I told Janet before you, you are welcome to join our volunteer team by filling out our online Mentor Application at and indicate that you want to be a Prayer Mentor. We are always looking for more people who have a heart to pray for others!

Monica says:

Jesus is in my heart and I have seen the miracles of prayer. I take a walk with God(Jesus) everyday, pray and talk to him as my father.

I would love to be given the opportunity to give the gift of prayer to people around the world. Walk with FAITH and not with sight. How to do I become a prayer mentor?

Doris says:

We would love to have you become a prayer mentor Monica. You can do this by filling out the online Mentor Application at and indicate that you want to be a Prayer Mentor.

Mary says:

As a new prayer mentor I have to say it is a wonderful feeling to pray for people. I am used to typing prayer because I do this a lot online with people on nearly a daily basis. But being a mentor reaches so much further then I ever could. It is the burning desire of my heart to pray for others and to reach out to a world full of people that need to know some one cares for them but above all God cares for them and loves them beyond anything we can imagine.

Doris says:

We are thrilled to have you on the Prayer Mentoring Team Mary!! Thank you for being obedient to God’s call on your life.

Agnes Church says:

I would love to pray for people for any reason. I love the Lord with all my heart and am in the process of getting ordained. Anyone who has a prayer request please feel free to email me and I’ll help in any way I can. Aggi

Agnes Church says:

Sorry I don’t have a website.I didn’t know I needed one. I love to pray for anyone with a prayer request and I hope people feel free to email me with their requests. I do love the Lord and praise His Name. Thank you Aggi

Andrea says:

Hi Agnes,

Thanks for your interest in mentoring! I see you have filled out the online Mentor Application at which is great! You will receive emails according to issues you are interested in which will be matched through our program The Mentor Centre. So don’t worry, you don’t need a website, and all emails you receive won’t go directly to your personal email address, it’s all done through the Mentor Centre. Thanks again for your interest and willingness to pray for those who are hurting.

lana says:

I’d really love to get involved in an organization where i can help people, especially those who are hurting.
I’ve been through a deep hurting and thankful because God touched my heart & soul to become a better person. sufferings leads to the Glory of God.
I hope i could help by prayers and words of encouragement.
Thank you.

Doris says:

Lana, we would love to have you apply to be a mentor with this site. Just go to and fill out the Online Mentor Application Form.

lana says:

thanks doris =D

lana says:

Doris, I’ve seen the application form and it needs a pastor reference. I am a Roman catholic can i still join your community? thanks

Doris says:

Hi Lana,
We do a pastoral reference for everyone that joins our mentor team, regardless of what church they attend. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus you too can join. Just write in the name of your priest and our staff will connect with him.

Katarina says:

Thank you for all your prayers & dedication of praying and being an obedient servant of GOD!

Kimberly Allstun says:

Please pray for me alot. I have alot of problems with jealousy, stress, anger, possibly bitterness. I have the Holy Spirit. I am saved. I am getting to know the Lord. I read my bible sometimes. My ex won’t let me see the kids. It has been about 6 years. I think about them everyday and I feel hopeless. I feel no lawyer is going to take my case because I have waited so long. I feel that no lawyer or judge will understand me. I wonder if it is Gods will that I see my kids. God promises alot of great things, yet I feel for some reason I am not receiving them and I don’t know what to do. I only feel the Holy Spirit sometimes and I know if I felt it all the time that I would feel better. I read in the bible that the Spirit of God is power, love and sound mind. I want to operate in these things. I have the Holy Spirit, I know I do, because I can feel him in my heart and I believe it is what keeps me going to God for the last years. I feel I have Spiritual confusion. The doctors say I am bi polar, but I really think that I am confused about God. My insides doubt, I believe I cut myself down..and It is hard to see the greatness of Gods love. I have had more good times than bad. I know that God has a better life for me. But I wonder, what is holding me back? Why am I not living in his peace and fufillment? Why am I not exsperienceing his love and wonderfullness. I pray alot, I pray everyday. I want to serve God and live for him, yet I am stuck feeling hopeless, confused, fearful, angry. I wonder, have I given my life to the Lord compltely? I search for all the answers in church, on t.v.. on internet..but I have no idea the answers. I have lived this way for about 6 years now. I used drugs in 2004 when I was high on meth, I received a vision of Jesus dying on the cross, out of nowhere, it was so intense I started crying. A few days later or so I received fire and spiritual feelings in my body. I had not heard of these things, I did not know it was God…I have been in a confusion every since. Now, I know that the Spirit is God…Yet, I am so confused. I wonder, how do I get out of this confusion. Why am I under so much confustion..I feel a big breakthrough comming every day like its gonna be here any second.. I really want to know all the truth about God and know him very well so that I can tell others! I want that really bad. I wonder, why don’t I have it… I pray so much. I pray so hard. I send prayer request to alot of ministries… I feel like I am going to make a difference in this world, yet there is so much holding me back. I know Gods love can change me. I know having a relationship would change me. I wait for him to come to me and cover me in his love so I can see who he is, so I can trust him and know him. But he has not done this yet. I wonder Can’t God do anything? Why hasn’t he done this. Do I not have the faith to receive his blessings? Am I not ready to receieve his love yet? Is he holding out on me so I can learn what I need to learn? Surely he is better than that.. I am having troubles fully believeing the bible. I have troubles trusting people to teach me about God. There is alot more inside me. Please pray alot for me. Please have everyone you know to pray for me. I really need alot of support. I really need alot of support. Please be the prayer warrior that I need. I am very needy of Gods people to pray for me. Please do me a favor and pray for me alot. Please, I really want to live a good life and serve God. People really need it. Please, I need a more loving heart. I need more kindness. I need more of God and every good thing that he has..Quickly. because I am hurting and I see alot of hurting people and I only want to speak his words. Also I just found out 2 days ago, I am 28 yrs old and have psoriasis! Please pray blessing and annointing over me. Pray that I will be treated with respect, honor by human kind so I can quit being upset. Pray that I will see God working in all those that I pray for! I have many many burdens that I feel I am carrying and I pray and desire to be free from them all. This is a call, I am reaching out to all the believers around the world. Pray for me every prayer you know. I am unsure why all the bad things keep happening and such, please keep praying for me! I have way more needs than I have mentioned! It keeps feeling like there is something between me and God. Yet, at the same time I am so close to God, I am getting closer everyday. Seems like everytime he has me feeling good then someone wrecks my mood or I get internal negative thoughts, it really seems like there is a force between God and I. Please pray.

Ozge says:

Pray GOD Blesses me so i can Bless oethrs every day of my life In JESUS Name Amen.

Doris says:

Hi Kimberly,
Thanks for posting on this article and asking for prayer. We do pray for requests that are posted but I would also encourage you to fill out the form on the site for ‘Need Prayer’ found at and a prayer mentor will email you back and not only pray for you, but walk alongside of you as well. Let me also pray for you right now:

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for Kimberly and her heart to know you. She needs to see You in the everyday happenings in her life Lord. Help her to keep her eyes focused on You and not her circumstances. Encourage her today Lord. Amen.

Thank you for praying for me! God Bless you!

Doris says:

Thanks for stopping in again Kimberly! Always good to hear from visitors that we have prayed for.

corey says:

Please pray that god forgive me for my sins an have mercy on my soul. An that the Courts/judge dont give me alot of time if any at all
.an to keep all forms of evil away from me. Thank you god bless.

Doris says:

I would love to pray for you Corey. We also have prayer mentors that specifically pray for people in an email. If you would like someone to pray for you on an ongoing basis, just fill out the form found here,

In the mean time, let me pray for you:
Heavenly Father I lift Corey up to you. I don’t know his situation Lord, but You do. In fact You know everything about him. Thank you that if he comes to you that You will indeed forgive his sins. Help him to grow in a personal relationship with You. Amen.

Corey, you yourself can personally come to God and ask for forgiveness of your sins. For more information on how to do this, check out this article:

SS says:

Please GOD unite me back with my love and bless me with my marriage to him ,with our parents blessings and happiness before the end of 2012. Please help me GOD . Please GOD you are my last hope. Please don’t let me down .Please GOD also bless all other people in this world who have faith in you .


Doris says:

Dear SS,
Let me pray for you right now:

Dear Heavenly Father,
I lift up SS to you right now and ask that You would hear her prayer today. Thank you that You love her and have her best interests in mind. Help her to experience You as her Rock and her Refuge. Amen

SS, this isn’t normally a place to post prayer requests but we do have prayer mentors who would love to pray for you and walk alongside of you as you face this challenge. Just fill out the form on this page and one of them will email you.

Katarina Djordjevic says:

Please, pray:
That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me!
That any barriers between us will be removed permanently and that we may have a lifetime of happpiness and love together!
That all weapons formed against our relationship shall not prosper, in the name of Jesus!
Thank you for all your prayers
May God bless you always!
Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia

KimK says:

Hello Katarina,

I’d like to invite you to connect with a prayer mentor by email. So many people like you have been encouraged through the one-on-one contact with a prayer mentor, and we’d like you to receive the full benefit of this, too. Just go to and click on “need prayer”.


Kim Koteles,
Mentor Training Coordinator

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